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Wine Barrel Staves: 


No two staves or will be exactly alike due to the uniqueness of the reclaimed wood.  Each piece of wood has its own imperfections like knots, cracks, chips, different coloring in the wood grains, etc. These imperfections give the sign its own one of a kind rustic feel.  Sizes will also vary from 2 - 3” in width due to different barrel stave sizes.


Measures 34.5”L x 2.5”W


These wine barrel staves come from 50 gallon barrels and are longer than our whiskey barrel staves.  The backs of the staves are stained red from the wine they held. 


Wine barrel staves are sourced from used French Oak wine barres from Oregon's Willamette Valley.


Whiskey Barrel Staves: 


These personalized bourbon barrel staves are engraved using laser etching and made to order. They are great for wall decor, desks, countertops, bar tops etc. choose your favorite  sports team, wedding date, birth date or any other special occasion. Each stave comes with sawtooth bracket on the back for wall mounting. These staves are finished using a natural wood oil. Each stave is unique and may vary slightly from the pictures shown.

Wine/Whiskey Wooden Customized Staves

  • All proofs and some of our listings have been designed/created on a computer. Due to the nature of natural wood, the finished product will vary from piece to piece and won't look exactly like the computer proof or listing.

    * Please double-check that your email is current through Etsy. We send out proofs for all custom orders and WILL NOT ship your order out until it has been approved by you. **

  • Once the design has been approved by the client shipment will arrive 7-10 business days.

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