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Welcome to Bald Guy Engraving and Woodworking! We are glad you are here. Our goal is to provide quality products that meet all your engraving needs, from business orders, to school needs, to personalized gifts that capture the feelings of the giver and the receiver.

Don’t see what you are looking for? Please reach out! I love to work in collaboration with my customers on projects.


If you want to customize something, we likely have the ability to do it! Check out the store for our current options with endless color variations.  If you don't see what you are looking for please reach out and we can likely get it made for you.  We also have the ability to customize most personal items too depending on size and condition. 

custom flash drive.jpg

Whether you are looking for custom signage or branded materials you can give to your clients we would love to help you get your brand seen. 

Leatherette 7-Tool Manicure Gift Set Rustic_Gold.jpeg

No order is too small and especially too big for us to handle.  We are up to the challenge of the quantity and surplus of any order.  This can be something you want created for a fundraiser, big event or wedding party. 

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